Sunday, 9 December 2012

Our first cycling session

In today’s lesson we were introduced to the practical side of the topic, it was the first lesson of cycling. The practical side of the project was there so that as a class we have an understanding of the bikes and the riding of them, hopefuly improving our knowledge and eventually making a more successful final presentation.
The practical coach - Dave Jowett, is the south region cycling coach representing team GB in the local schools. This made the class more motivated to try hard and do well, considering who he is in terms of the cycling world. He had lots of knowledge about the subject and we were all excited for him to share some of it with us.

As it was our first lesson the cycling coach began with the basics, this is due to him needing to see the range of abilities of the students, as he would have no idea how we would perform.  It started with a talk about the bike before we mounted them so that we understood how they worked. He went through the different chains, gears and the frame. Personally this was very helpful as I had a new understanding before we’d even begun.
When on the bikes we were split into separate halves and were asked to cycle around an oval shaped set of cones preparing us for the veledrome. We then needed to keep a constant speed so that everyone was balanced. As we were all more experienced than we he had first thought he moved straight on and began explaining the gears. We learnt about using the both sets of gears and why we would change them – helping to understand when different gears numbers used.

To end the lesson we took part in a race, just so we could personally see what gear number is best, the speed in which to go, and of course for the fun.

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